Modernizing How Retailers Buy Beverage Alcohol

Build your global supply chain with the transparency you need and the products your customers want.
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The LWX Difference

We work for retailers—we source, import, and distribute products on your behalf.

Our business is built on relationships. We’re the human face, the custom touch, the extra mile—the partner dedicated to honesty and integrity.

Our Brand Story

Our Model Puts Retailers First

In traditional supply chains, distributors partner with producers to determine what products retailers get in stock, rarely asking what retailers prefer.

LWX’s innovative model places retailers at the heart of the supply chain, where we only source the products that retailers request.

We Start with the Retailer

Retailers place orders with LWX for the products they would like to stock.

LWX Manages the Process

We manage the entire import process on-demand and can work with the suppliers that retailers choose.

Better Rates, Better Efficiency

We provide the retailer with our order at a discount compared to traditional distributors due to its highly efficient model and reduced number of intermediaries.

What Our Customers Say

“Of everyone we spoke to, LWX was the only team that demonstrated outside-the-box thinking and a sense of Kaizen—choosing to continuously improve at every part of the process. They approached my needs as if they were their own, offering a refreshing level of trust, transparency, and accountability that make them a no-brainer to work with.”
- National Retail Buyer