LWX VinPort—Our Technology-Driven Logistics Platform

LWX VinPort is our logistics platform, incorporating a flexible order management system, a real-time analytics dashboard, and dynamic shipment calculator.


Dashboard can be tailored
to each customer with
an individualized UX

Easy to use

Knowledge Base provides easy
access to quick answers, and the
team can always answer more
complex questions


Software is consistently updated
and improved, incorporating
client feedback by our team of


Prioritizes all individual details,
such as shipment weight

Order Management

Customers can order directly through the system, minimizing time and cost from when a buyer needs a product to when it arrives on-shelf.

Analytics Dashboard

See real-time order status and minimize out of stock situations by planning 90 days ahead.

COLA Database

Review COLAs through our regularly updated database to ensure compliance with Federal and State regulations.

Logistics Platform

Our proprietary logistics software provides spectacular real-time data on ordering, shipping, and tracking, offering unparalleled transparency at every stage.

Our customizable management tools include:

  • API and EDI Data Integrations
  • Tailored Supply Chain Management Dashboards
  • Inventory Cost Management