Case Study:
Texas Retailer

A Texas grocery retailer wanted to source a new, exclusive red wine for their customers.

They turned to LWX for a better experience.


LWX was approached by a Texas-based retailer who was interested in sourcing an exclusive red wine label from Italy.

Previously, this retailer relied on traditional distributors for their beverage alcohol needs, purchasing from only the distributors’ product book. This reduced the retailer’s choice on which products they wanted and prevented them from offering their customers exclusive labels in their stores.

This retailer chose us based on our strong reputation in the industry for our personalized approach to customer service and our ability to source high-quality products from around the world—in short, we work for retailers.


This retailer had very specific requirements for the wine, including its origin, quality, and price point. The challenge for LWX was to over deliver on price and source a wine exclusive to them—in this case, a red wine label from Italy.


At LWX, our process begins with retailers. We start by understanding how our clients’ supply chains work—such as if they require direct store delivery or their technological capabilities.

From the moment the retailer determines they have a need, they are in charge. Because our business is built on relationships, we maintained close contact with the retailer throughout the process.


To address this challenge, we utilized our extensive and growing network of wine suppliers around the world. We worked closely with the retailer to source multiple options from the Abruzzo region of Italy, meeting their requirements for quality, origin, and price point.

To increase transparency, we created multiple opportunities for the retailer and the supplier to connect, streamlining the selection process.


Our suppliers, paired with our national network of 3PL providers, allows us to build a supply chain customized to each client’s specific needs.

With over eight US ports of entry in our network, we were able to create a custom supply chain for our Texas retailer, working with trusted shipping partners to provide warehousing, drayage, trucking, and last-mile delivery.

By providing this retailer with regular, real-time updates on the status of their shipment, we were able to provide a seamless and efficient process every step of the way.


After sourcing, we handled all the logistics from the supplier to the retailer’s stores. Our experienced team of logistics professionals worked to ensure that the wine was delivered to the retailer in perfect condition and within the requested time frame.


As a result of LWX’s personalized approach to customer service, attention to detail, and extensive network of partners, the Texas retailer was extremely satisfied with the exclusive red wine label that we sourced, imported, and delivered. The retailer was impressed with the quality of the wine and the efficiency and reliability of the logistics process.


Our unique approach—choosing to partner directly with the retailer—was key to the success of the project. The benefit for the retailer was higher margin, faster-selling product, and an elevated consumer experience.

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